Chabad Center of Sharon
Kids Zone
Schedule of services - 2012
Daily Morning Services
7:15 am
Sunday Morning Services
8:30 am
Saturday Morning Services
9:30 am
Daily Evening Services
15 minutes before sunset
Home Kashering
Do you need help kashering your kitchen? We are here to assist you from start to finish.
Camp Gan Israel
Join us for a summer you'll never forget! At Camp Gan Israel, Judaism becomes a vibrant and exciting part of campers lives through fun experiences.
Shabbat & Weekday Services
You're invited to join us any weekday or shabbat for a friendly, joyous, and meaningful prayer service. Everyone is welcome regardless of knowledge, background or affiliation.
Ongoing Classes
We offer a variety of ongoing classes at Chabad. We have classes on Parsha, Chassidus, Gemara, and more on a variety of levels.
Jewish Women's Circle
Enjoy a night out with other women in the community. Join us for a relaxed evening of discussion, learning, and fun celebrating Jewish women.
Mezuzah Checking
How is a mezuzah like a car? They both require maintenance! Have you had your mezuzah checked recently? We're here to help.